Infamous: Second Son is hands-down considered the most highly anticipated PlayStation 4 game to date. Second Son was revealed the very night PS4 was first confirmed to be a reality. IGN managed to play Second Son at this years CES 2014, and apart from initial announcement trailer and the game play footage,we’ve been staring at these breathtakingly awesome screenshots released below:


Second Son is set seven years after the events of Infamous 2. Its protagonist, Deslin Rowe, a smug 20-something with the power to manipulate and become smoke, is labelled as a bio-terrorist in the real-world city of Seattle. He acquires his powers after coming in contact with someone he rescues from a flaming bus crash.


Second Son focuses on a locked-down society under surveillance, and what happens when several people with super powers live there, while its story revolves around the idea that “our security comes at a high price — our freedom.”

Head over the IGN for more screenshots and game artwork:

infamousi3-610x343 infamousi2-610x343 infamous1jpg-e96b31_640w infamous4jpg-464c3c_640w

Infamous: Second Son has a world-wide release date on 21 March.

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