Clash of Clans Update

SuperCell plans to release the much anticipated update to their successful Clash of Clans game Today. We’ve seen the teasers on the upcoming changes, and are pretty excited for the multiple additions expected. Today we received a full list of all the additions, changes and balance updates.The release expected to go live within the next few hours.

Most notable among the changes are updates to the Heroes, the Barbarian King and the Archer Queen. The Barbarian King will have the once-every-battle ability to enrage for a short time, moving faster and dealing more damage. The Queen will becomes invisible to all enemy defences for a short time.

We’re particularly interested in the Gems and Gem Box that can now be found in the plant growth in your Village. We all know that SuperCell makes their money with people buying Gems, and seeing as we don’t spend money on real Gems game progression is taking painfully long for us. This will allow us to upgrade faster!

Clash of Clans Hero CloakClash of Clans Hero Ability Clash of Clans Gem Box Clash of Clans Minions

Here’s  the full list of expected changes,Clash of Clans Update Released Today:

All hail new Hero abilities!

✔ Both Heroes have acquired special abilities that can be activated once per battle, after they have been deployed.

✔ Iron Fist: The Barbarian King and nearby Barbarians become enraged for a short time, moving faster and dealing more damage (does not stack with the Rage Spell).

✔ Royal Cloak: The Archer Queen hides from and becomes invisible to all enemy defenses for a short time.

✔ Both Hero abilities will instantly call in a group of Barbarians or Archers to reinforce their King or Queen.

✔ Hero abilities unlock for free at Hero level 5 and improve in strength every additional 5 Hero levels!


Flyers, freezers and brand new boosts

✔ Level 6 Minions are here to wreak havoc on enemy bases!

✔ Level 5 Freeze Spell leaves defenses on ice for longer than ever before.

✔ Get your Heroes back into battle faster by boosting their recovery 4x while sleeping.

✔ Boost cost and duration of Barracks and Spell Factory now reduced from 4 hours/20 gems to 2 hours/10 gems.

Why? Many of you told us that the 4 hour Barracks/Spell Factory Boost was too long and you felt obliged to keep raiding for the entire duration or risk losing out. We didn’t like you having to make this choice, so, voilà!


Clan Co-leaders take charge

✔ Clan Co-leaders can now be appointed by the Clan Leader or other Clan Co-leaders.

✔ Clan Co-leaders have all the privileges of Clan Leaders, except for the ability to demote or kick other Co-leaders.

✔ Clan Elders are now less powerful to prevent abuse, no longer able to promote or demote and only able to kick normal members.

Why? We wanted to give you more options for running your Clans. We also wanted to prevent Clans from falling into disrepair when the Leader goes AWOL. Ultimately, though, we want Clans to be run your way – so we aren’t limiting how many Co-leaders there can be, it is entirely up to you. With great power comes great responsibility.


Gem overgrowth

✔ New plant growth is being found with more gems inside than ever before!

Why? Because we care  

✔ Mysterious boxes packed with gems are being reported all throughout the realm. Keep an eye out for them!

Why? See above ˄ ˄


Interface improvements

✔ Chat is now available even when away from your village, such as when visiting and watching replays

✔ Army Camps, the Spell Factory and Clan Castle now display used capacity next to their name when they are selected.

✔ Friends List has been moved to the Leaderboard menu, on the last tab, replacing the Search Clans tab (Search Clans is still available from the Clan Castle menu).

✔ Rage Spell info now correctly indicates damage percentage increase (e.g. 30% instead of 130%).

Why? We’re sticklers for accuracy and this has been incorrect for too long! PLEASE NOTE, this change does not make the Rage Spell any more or less powerful, it is purely a wording alteration.

✔ Obstacles can now be cleared in edit mode. (Yay!)


Balance tweaks

✔ Decreased the upgrade cost and time of Freeze Spell levels 3 and 4.

Why? With the addition of Freeze Spell level 5, we wanted to rebalance levels 3 and 4 to smooth out the upgrade curve.

✔ Decreased Rage Spell level 5 damage bonus from 80% to 70%.

Why? We want all max level Spells to be viable options and currently the level 5 Rage Spell is used in almost every single battle by high trophy players – therefore is wasn’t optional. By tweaking it to make it less of a mandatory choice, we’re hoping to see more diversity in the Spells you bring to battle!

✔ Increased Hog Rider training cost by about 30% on all levels.

Why? It has been too easy to repeatedly build a full Hog Rider army and devastate TH9 and TH10 villages that don’t yet have Inferno Towers. We didn’t want to make them any less powerful, but rather make it a more considered army choice.

✔ Increased Valkyrie hitpoints by about 20% on all levels.

Why? The Valkyrie hasn’t been seeing much action on the battlefield – she needed beefing up!!

✔ Increased Pekka hitpoints from 3400 to 3500 on level 3 and from 3800 to 4000 on level 4.

Why? Considering how much it costs to upgrade the P.E.K.K.A to level 3 and 4, we felt like a few more hitpoints were required to help balance and justify the upgrade.


This is a jam-packed update! Excited much?

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