The title of the article is correct if you were wondering. Eddie Murphy recently returned to the music scene after years of perusing his acting career. The “Beverly Hills Cop” actor has released the music video for his new single “Promise (You Won’t Break My Heart).” Huffington Post is the first site to report that Murphy released his music video. The black-and-white clip features Murphy performing the song in a studio with a group of musicians. He plays his guitar as he sings the lyrics of the heartfelt song, “Promise you won’t break my heart/ Cause my heart’s been broken a million times before/ I think I can’t take no more/ I was sad and lonely.”

Image courtesy of Youtube

Image courtesy of Youtube

“Promise (You Won’t Break My Heart)” appears in Murphy’s reggae album “9”, scheduled to be released next year.

Speaking to Murphy says he is only making music for now:

“All I’ve been doing is making music,”

“I haven’t been working on films, haven’t been developing movies..”

He added about talks of another Beverly Hills Cop movie:

“I’ve had all types of talks like that. Nothing’s come together yet. All things still in the talking stage. Right now, this is what’s happening.”

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