If you’ve seen the original Exorcist movie then like everyone else there’s probably a few scenes from the movie that has been burned into your memory banks forever. The movie itself was banned in many countries. The film affected many audiences so strongly that, at many theaters, paramedics were called to treat people who fainted and others who went into hysterics. In the UK, The Exorcist wasn’t available until 1990, when it passed the British Board of Film Censorship (BBFC) with an 18 rating.

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The Exorcist tells the story of a young girl who becomes possessed by a demon. The events surrounding the girl’s behavior and subsequent exorcism make up the main plot line. The Exorcist is a psychological thriller and uses a clever plot and even subliminal messaging to terrify audiences.

The trailer below was supposedly “banned” for being too terrifying. As far as our research goes, though, there was never an actual ban involved. What happened was Warner Bros. executives felt that the combination of the music (which Lalo Schifrin wrote specifically for this) and the strobe imagery was too much for audiences, so they pulled the trailer from a wide release.

This was by far the most disturbing movie we’ve seen, perhaps ever. Understandably the trailer would have freaked people out even more.


Here’s the original 1973 Exorcist trailer:


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