The first full-length trailer for “Hercules: The Legend Begins” has arrived. The clip reveals  a bit more to carve out the plotline which shows Hercules (Kellan Lutz) being separated from his love interest Princess of Crete (Hebe), portrayed by Gaia Weiss. Hercules is sent away to fight in a war to prevent him from interfering with the arranged marriage of his beloved Hebe and his own brother.


Director Renny Harlin revealed back in April that he’s aiming for something altogether more realistic with a dark edge

The film will serve as an origin story of the Demigod, as he fights for survival as a slave, sold to compete in combat for the enjoyment of others. Being unaware that he is the son of Zeus, Hercules is sent away by King Amphitryon, the only father he knows. The Greek hero is set on a journey to find his way back home and to take revenge.

Thanks to we have a bit more insight of what to expect from the storyline and the main character.

Director Renny Harlin says his take on Hercules will be special, he explained his approach saying:

“I think people have a lot of stereotypical ideas of who the character is, so we wanted to go to an origin story of Hercules, to a young guy who doesn’t really even know who he is,”

“We think this story is special because it’s a young man who comes from a dysfunctional family. Scott plays his dad, but of course it’s not really his dad because his real dad is Zeus. And Liam plays his friend, only eventually he’s really not his friend. … And one day he finds out that he’s a demi-god. And that his mission is much grander and he has a destiny that he has to fulfill.”

Screen capture: Hercules (Kellan Lutz) taking down a gladiator

Screen capture: Hercules (Kellan Lutz) taking down a gladiator

Liam McIntyre who portays Spartacus, summed it up nicely:

“It’s got a hot dude in it who wants to make love to a beautiful woman. Understandable. And he gets everything taken away. And he has to kick a whole lot of ass to get it back. I’d go see it!”

The movie will be released on March 1, 2014, four months before “The Thracian Wars” release date set for July 25. 

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