As we’ve mentioned a few weeks ago, now is without a doubt the worst time to buy a new iPhone, but definitely the best time to plan for one if you are due for an upgrade. This is because Apple just released two new iPhones which will become available within the next few weeks (depending on your location it may be a few months), which in a nutshell means that the prices will drop on current iPhones, and there will obviously be new fancy iPhones available to choose from.

With the new models now known, getting an upgrade basically leaves you two choices, do I get the top of the class iPhone 5s, or the budget iPhone 5c? There’s  a few factors to take into consideration, also depending on which phone you have at the moment. We’ll take you through the details below:


Should I upgrade to the iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c? Waiting for the iPhone 6 might be another option?

The 3 latest iPhone models

The 3 latest iPhone models



The iPhone 5c has a different design. It has rounded edges, comes in various colours, and is made from plastic (soft silicon rubber), but “beautifully, unapologetically plastic” as Jony Ive put it. Compared to the iPhone 5s’ anodized aluminum, that comes in white, black and the new gold/champagne colour.

Verdict: Your personal preference will sway your choice here. If your looking for funky colours and a more iPhone 3G’ish looking iPhone, then the iPhone 5c is the one you want.



The iPhone 5s is a little lighter (3.9 oz) compared to the iPhone 5c (4.6 oz)

Verdict: the 0.7 oz weight difference will hardly be noticed and we don’t suspect this will be a decisive factor.



Perhaps the biggest difference is the 64-bit mobile processor on the 5S, which has twice the performance of the iPhone 5C. If you’re an avid gamer or app user, the 5S is your go-to. But then again, apps that take advantage of the full power likely won’t hit the App Store for a while.

Verdict: If you absulotely despise the 0.33333 miliseconds you have to wait for apps to open, close and load, then the faster iPhone 5S is the phone for you.



The iPhone 5S also has a lot of incentive for mobile photographers. The camera upgrades are significant, including a five-element lens, a larger sensor and more sophisticated image.

Verdict: If you love taking pictures and consider yourself a iPhoneographer, then the iPhone 5s may be a better option.



The iPhone 5S comes with a new fingerprint sensor called Touch ID, which can replace the lock screen code. With the touch of a finger, you can bypass the log-in screen and even purchase items in iTunes. The sensor lives at the top of the touch home button. The iPhone 5s also touts a new CoreMotion API, which could lead to smarter health and fitness apps.

Verdict: If you live by these features, the 5S is a better option.



Prices are still unknown for most countries, what we do have is the U.S. prices with a 2-year contract. These are:

  • iPhone 5s: $199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB, $399 for 64GB
  • iPhone 5c: $99 for 16GB, $199 for 32GB

Verdict: The iPhone 5c is a lot cheaper on contract, your financial situation will influence your choice.

The new iPhone 5S

The new iPhone 5S



The iPhone 5C is basically an iPhone 5 disguised in a colourful body. Sure, it comes with only a few upgrades compared to the iPhone 5 which include improved FaceTime and support for more LTE networks — but it features virtually everything its predecessor had at a lower price.

Option 1: If you currently roll with an iPhone 4S then there is absolutely no reason why you should’nt get either the iPhone 5c or the 5s. Forget about the iPhone 5.  The iPhone 5c will give you everything the iPhone 5 has (give or take a few features mentioned below) at a way cheaper price.

Option 2: If you roll with the current latest iPhone 5 and you are burning to get an upgrade then chances are you already have your reasons for wanting to do so. Then we see no reason for getting the iPhone 5c unless you really want one of the colours. Otherwise go for the iPhone 5s.