As we mentioned before, Alodia Gosiengfiao boasts with a list of talents which includes playing the piano. Any fan of the multi-award winning HBO show “Game of Thrones”, will appreciate the combination of an attractive cosplay girl playing the title track of their favorite TV show.


Iron Man forgot something!?

For those of you not intrigued by beautiful girls playing intros on shiny pianos, check out the “Game of Thrones” merchandise we found on the net:

  • If you can afford it, crack open the vault and buy a life-size replica of the iron throne from HBO. This should set you back at least $30000.
  • If you can’s afford the life-size replica, crack open the pink piggy under your bed and buy a miniature replica of the iron throne from ThinkGeek for $269.99.
  • Alternatively buy the “Throne of Nerds” for $500 from  Mike DeWolfe, made in honor of the Throne of Swords from the Game of Thrones.

Alodia Piano – Game of Thrones Intro