We are finally given the opportunity to be king anytime we want…provided you are at home sitting on your iron throne. HBO is selling replicas of the Iron Throne, so you can be the unjust ruler of your dungeons and dragons Wednesday night get-together. The epic iron monstrosity comes at a hefty price, expect to cough up $30,000, with a shipping surcharge of $1,800.


Lord of Winterfell Ned Stark on the Iron throne. Unfortunately that will never be his fate.

  • The replica Iron Throne stands 7’2″ tall, with a depth of 5’11″, and width of 5’5″.
  • It’s made of hand-finished, hand-painted fibreglass and fire-proof resin
  • It weighs 350 pounds

Any would-be thieves will find themselves intimidated if they conduct the usual breaking and entering when they find the “spiked chair of destiny” sitting in your living room!

I have some thinking  to do….. how am I going to fit this replica in my mancave and is it comfortable for at least 4 hours worth of “Injustice”?




Shucks, I may need to settle for the 1/6 Scale Iron Throne Limited Edition Replica.



This replica of the Iron Throne is a 14″ tall exact replica of the Iron Throne — and won’t consume your life savings. It may consume your soul, but that’s just a risk you have to take if you’re going to win the game of thrones.

This extremely detailed sculpt features every sword from the full sized throne. Sculpted from resin, it is hand finished and hand-painted. It’s sure to be a conversation piece in your home or office.

Product Specifications

  • Replica of the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones
  • Officially licensed HBO Game of Thrones series collectible
  • Sculpted of resin, hand-finished and painted
  • Not a single sword has been overlooked!
  • No need to be a Lannister to afford a throne of your own
  • Dimensions: 14″ tall & 23 lbs. (yes 23)