Tony Jaa Joins Fast and Furious 7

Tony Jaa Joins Fast and Furious 7

Great news, our favourite bad-ass Thai Martial Artist actor Tony Jaa is in talks to join the Fast & Furious 7 cast. Tony Jaa is famous for his Ong Bak movies and has proven himself to be one of the most impressive on screen martial artists ever. We hope this deal gets sealed as this will be his first English language studio film.

Tony will join Jason Statham  as two of the new cast members for the 7th Fast and Furious movie. Statham is just as bad-ass, have a look at this mashup of his ass-kicking! We can only imagine the type of fight between Jaa and/or Diesel, Statham and The Rock!

Here’s a “best of” Mashup video that shows what Tony can do. Tony Jaa Joins Fast and Furious 7:


Jaa said in a statement:

“I have been a big fan of the Fast and Furious franchise. The films are fast paced, fun and keep the audience involved. There is a great mix of humor and action, something I really appreciate. There is no better film to be involved in for a first U.S. studio production.”



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