The date is set for 10 September, and we are already pretty excited here at GS. The evidence is overwhelming, and we can rest assured that this is what Apple’s low-cost iPhone will look like (boxed):

iPhone 5C Boxed at $99

iPhone 5C Boxed at $99

The focus has shifted from the actual look and design of the iPhone 5C, to topics such as pricing and specifications. The general consensus is that if Apple charge anything more than $99 for the 5C, it will not really be seen as a “cheap” or “budget” version of their iPhone.

The dilemma Apple may be sitting with is this: with the iPhone 5C having roughly the same specifications regarding hardware as the  iPhone 5S, give or take some CPU processing power or Memory, can Apple afford to make a profit from the 5C if they sell it at $99?  Apple’s plan with an entry-level iPhone is just that: a way for people to enter the Apple ecosystem where you buy an inexpensive mid-range phone off-contract, move on to buy a number of apps for the device, go on to sign up at iTunes to grab some tunes or videos and then head to the Apple Store to pick up a MacBook or Apple TV.

Can we expect an iPhone 5C Boxed at $99?


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