Alter Bridge

Alter Bridge


Rock band legends Alter Bridge have been working on their next album, and we finally have the album title, cover and track listing. The guys will steer away from the numeric numbering (AB I, AB II and AB III). The new album will be called “Fortress“. Here’s the album cover and track listing:


Alter Bridge Reveals New Album Details:

The new album will be called "Fortress"

The new album will be called “Fortress”


Track Listing:

1. Cry Of Achilles
2. Addicted To Pain
3. Bleed It Dry
4. Lover
5. The Uninvited
6. Peace Is Broken
7. Calm The Fire
8. Waters Rising
9. Farther Than The Sun
10. Cry A River
11. All Ends Well
12. Fortress


After all the side projects that these guys were busy with finished it’s good to know we can expect another AB album soon!