Geekshizzle does not suffer from double vision if you find yourself confused after the article posted yesterday, Bloodsport will receive the reboot treatment. Some might still ask if we are ok if they read our title for another Van Damme reboot. Yes, the title is correct again, we will see yet another reboot from one of Van Damme’s iconic action films. The days of watching kickboxer on replay during winter holidays is back!

Yesterday we mentioned that Bloodsport is on track with director James McTeigue at the helm of the project. News has been made available courtesy of, that “Kickboxer” is also getting a new version to be helmed by Stephen Fung (Tai Chi Zero). The Kickboxer film will be scripted by Jim McGrath and Dimitri Logothetis, and is set up through Radar Pictures, which produced “The Last Samurai and Riddick”


Kurt Sloane (Van Damme) delivering a swift kick to take doen Po

Some of the most memorable scenes from the 1989 Kickboxer:

“Drunk training”…dancing? The split kick is classic

Generally speaking, it will be ok to walk away from a fight if it’s Tong Po!

The film will relocate the action to South America, with reporting that the story will, “explore the life of 21st century mercenaries as they collide with the underground world of Brazilian Vale Tudo fighting.”

The cast has not been confirmed yet and no plot has been revealed.  Production is set to start early 2014.


The undefeated Tong Po

The question we are all asking, will Van Damme be involved in both reboots? Nothing has been confirmed or reported so far.

Watch the 1989 trailer – (I can’t keep a straight face without laughing, Pablo Francisco has ruined the old-school trailers with his voice-over jokes)