There is no need to double check the title people they are officially remaking Bloodsport according to a report by Once again we find ourselves at the other end of the Hollywood meat machine pushing through another remake. I consider the original a cult classic with a foul cheesy stench, eeejaaaaaaaa!


Van Damme going for the final takedown with his famous back kick

Nothing beats the “Muscles from Brussels” scene when he was temporarily blind, as he realigns his thoughts and focus to finish the fight. The original Bloodsport was a huge success considering it cost only $1.1 million to make, and went on to gross $11 million domestically.

The epic blind scene!

“V is for Vendetta” director James McTeigue has taken an interest in the 1988 martial arts movie that starred Jean-Claude Van Damme. The original plot centered around a full-contact martial arts tournament which features Van Damme, the new kid on the block back in the day. The film was specifically constructed to show off Van Damme’s skills, needless to say his career as an action hero was born and the rest is history.

The story developed by “Karate kid” creator Robert Mark Kamen and Salt director Phillip Noyce is said to “explore the life of 21st century mercenaries as they collide with the underground world of Brazilian Vale Tudo fighting.”

I recall a comment from one of our readers explaining why some reboots will be appropriate considering how the film industry and audiences have evolved through the years:

“…I think it’s great to give new audiences a chance to love the stories that earlier generations became such rabid fans of, because as audiences who were raised with modern cinema and have grown used to better effects and quicker pacing, lots of us can’t really enjoy the originals, and definitely not as much as earlier generations were able to.” – Bobby Qualman / May 16, 2013

BQ’s comment is on point and hopefully McTeigue’s Bloodsport reboot will benefit from the younger generations showing interest. Would our readers like to see the reboot?

Watch the 1988 Bloodsport trailer