Avenged Sevenfold New Single "Hail to the King" First Impressions

Avenged Sevenfold New Single “Hail to the King” First Impressions


Avenged Sevenfold officially released the first single “Hail to the King” from their upcoming album, “Hail to the King”. After listening to the song a few times we can confidently say that what you get is what we’ve expected quite frankly. It is anything but a “heavy” song. The intro kicks ass with Synyster Gates doing what he does best on the electric, and if only for the pure class of Synyster we’ll buy this album. But as for the rest of the song is does seem a bit… slow. It’s a catchy “Rockish” tune that still sounds pretty darn awesome. Yet, we’re not particularly happy with the “softer” road that A7X have chosen to take. Still they’re doing something right looking at the amount of fans they have and the crowds that pull in at their live shows.

You can buy it from iTunes here:


Avenged Sevenfold New Single “Hail to the King” First Impressions:


They have also made the track-listing available:

  1. Shepherd of Fire
  2. Hail to the King
  3. Doing Time
  4. This Means War
  5. Requiem
  6. Crimson Day
  7. Heretic
  8. Coming Home
  9. Planets
  10. Acid Rain

The album art also changed, from this, to this, probably for the single only:

The A7X Hail to the King Single Cover

The A7X Hail to the King Single Cover


You can also pre-order you box set straight from the official A7X website. The box set that is going for a cracking £69.99 includes:

  • Limited Edition “Treasure Box”:
    Antique gold colored embossed foil paper wrapped box featuring exclusive Hail To the King artwork
  • Deluxe Hail to the King album on CD:
    housed in a digi-pak with a card including a download to an extra bonus track.
  • Exclusive Canvas Print:
    11.75” x 11.75” Canvas print of the Album Cover artwork, printed and rolled up to fit inside the treasure box
  • Photo Book:
    11.5” x 7.125” 20-page + cover perfect-bound soft-cover book
    featuring a sampling of photos of the band through out the years
  • Death Bat Challenge Coin:
    2” silver colored metal coin with a design stamped on front
    & back
  • Death Bat Skeleton Key:
    4.5” silver colored metal skeleton key
  • Digital Content:
    Instant download of “Hail to the King” Single
    Download of Hail to the King album on street date
The A7X Hail to the King Box Set

The A7X Hail to the King Box Set


Let’s hope the rest of the album does give us original A7X fans something from the days of old. To give you an idea of what we are used to, have a look at this: