Samsung seems to be following a strategy with it’s smartphone and tablet competition that is best called a “spray and pray” approach. Have you noticed how many different product versions Samsung has in it’s smartphone and tablet category alone? One can perceive this strategy as simply beating (physically beating) your competition with sheer volumes and various model releases. For Galaxy-branded devices alone, the current count is 26 smartphones and tablets with screen sizes ranging from 3 inches to 10 inches. That doesn’t include any of the non-Galaxy tablets and phones that run Windows 8, Windows Phone or Android, of which there are dozens more.

They have essentially blurred the line between a Phone, Phablet and a tablet.

How do you keep track of this? How do you know which one may be best for your specific need? Well, according to Samsung:

“It is obvious that each consumer is looking for a customized device that fits their personal needs on functionality in addition to size, price, power and connectivity.”

Whether you want a smartphone with a 4.3-inch screen or a 4.5-inch one, Samsung has got it covered. Maybe you’re looking at Windows tablets and Android tablets. Well, how about a tablet that does both?

We’re not quite sure if this approach is validated in the long run. Inevitably the quantity of various models they are producing will start to effect their quality.

Head competitor Apple has a completely different approach. They focus on only 1 model in each category. 1 SmartPhone and 1 Tablet.

Samsung seems to be putting all of it’s eggs in just about every basket it can find, whereas Apple focusses on a few baskets only. Which strategy will work? I guess we’re going to have to wait and see. Here’s a product list of all Samsung’s phones and tablets, confusing right?

Is Samsung making too many phones and tablets?

Is Samsung making too many phones and tablets?