Apple is known for releasing press invites that need to be converted to decipher the underlying message. These messages contain a clue and have done so for the last five years Apple has released their press invites and it seems their planning something big (Apple fan boys rejoice!!). The clue obviously relates to the focus of the main event and Arron Hirst decodes it. Bearing in mind Apple’s five year clue history, it would be silly to not follow the ritual as usual. This is Apple’s latest WWDC invite.


Apple WWDC 2013 Invite Deciphered:

wwdc 2013 invite


From the above image there is an array of round edged coloured squares layered on top of each other. The main square has been colour blocked by purple. With a brighter hue of colours used for the squares behind the main one. What is interesting to note is the radius of the main square is the same as Apple’s current Apple TV.

wwdc 2013 invite 1


Some may argue that the radius of the invite could also fit that of an iOS app. Well according to Arron Hirst, this is unlikely. Hirst overlaps the iOS app with the invite and concludes the “radius is wrong.” The rounding of the corners on the invite were less defined than those on the iOS app. According to Hirst:

My personal belief is that Apple will introduce not a ‘television set,’ but rather a major hardware (or software) update to its existing ‘Apple TV’ product. The product will likely more tightly integrate with both the iOS and OS X platforms, providing the user with a fully interactive and content-filled TV experience. Apple’s intelligent assistant, Siri, may also likely play its part in making content discovery and selection for the user, easier.

Recent releases of the Xbox One and the PS4 suggest that Apple will need to react quickly if they want Apple TV to be a success.

wwdc 2013 invite 3

These colours are normally only used when the company is announcing a new product category. This according to Hirst is the coming of something big.

Don’t read too much into some of the deciphers, but then again Apple might be back with a Boom! Nobody was really expecting a new product release, but if this is indeed the release of a newer Apple iTV, then Apple might be back in the media center race after Microsoft’s Xbox One release.

We have to wait and see until June 10-14.