Here’s some more iOs 7 dream list features to tantalize your taste buds.  With the increasing amount of rumors and lists making it’s way onto the web it is impossible to discern fact from fiction. Have a look at this list of dream features. For Today however, there’s a pretty solid confirmation that the below 5 features will definitely be part of Apple’s iOs 7.

The focus has moved away from beating your competitor in tech specs, and the experience the user has with the device is primary these days. This means… Operating System. The reason why we’ve always been so impressed with Apple is that they ‘got it’. Quite frankly I don’t care if my phone has 8Gig’s of memory or 4Gigs, as long as I can browse without getting lost, find what I’m looking far quick and easy, and still enjoy the experience.

Here’s 5 features that will be sorely welcomed in iOs7: New features to Apple’s iOs 7


1. Settings Toggles


Accessing the settings in iOs is currently quick and easy, but navigating your way within the settings can be challenging. Try turning on your Wi-Fi. It takes you 3 clicks and 1 swipe, which is way too many actions these days. This addition will have the Wi-Fi (to name only one setting) right at the top of the phone. similar to Android mind-you.


2. Quick Reply


We might soon be able to quickly preview last messages on notification center / pop-up and then reply to it immediately without a need to open that particular app. This is already implemented in the ‘recent calls’ function or while your receiving a call. Enabling this on Messages is not a must-have for us, but it will be a nice addition.



3. Lock Screen Widgets


This is a big one that most fans have been screaming for. Give us a better lock screen!  Apple will definitely not go the Android way, so they might call them something different & make them available on lock-screen and probably on notification center – like we saw that happening with Stocks and Weather widgets.


4. Mission Control Multi-Tasking

We don;t particularly like this feature, but it seems like it is something the people are asking for.  Multitasking on iOS has always been a part of concern – especially when new banking apps or apps offering online transactions are toggled. They just don’t offer seamless connectivity and the process is not any easy. On the other hand, multitasking on Android has been a lot smoother experience and trust me, I am preferring Android in recent times, probably only for this feature which works very fast and is smooth even for any idiot.


5. New Icons & Enhanced UI (without any flat icons)

There are already plenty of rumors floating about Apple picking flat-looking icon style over existing Glossy feel. However, I strongly disagree with this move. Why? Because, the FLAT icons are a latest trend of minimalistic design, generally is related to the new Windows 8 or Windows Phone Metro icons.

Apple’s iOS and Mac OS already features excellent minimalistic & yet effective icon styles. Not just that, they have received a strong recognition about it across the world. Now, while facing a crisis about evolving iOS experience – changing icon style upside-down doesn’t make sense at all.

Hence, I think – iOS 7 will feature new icons to give a fresher outlook. Apple might decide to let go the GLOSSY overlay for icons.