Paramore – Self Titled 4th Album Review


This is the the band’s first album since the departure of Josh and Zac Farro in 2010. The album has been called a veritable jukebox by early reviews posted on the internet. I have to agree it sounds cleaner and “poppier” with many angles and diversity. This is a different approach to the “Paramore” we are accustom to compared with the previous three released albums.

Most likely some fans may agree that ‘Part II’, ‘Anklebiters’ and ‘Alone’ are probably the nearest to the “classic Paramore” sound that shot them in to the charts. Even though the group has chosen to explore new genres and lyrical themes I think the attempt is a bit misguided. They’ve managed to release a fourth record that makes a statement and I am afraid the statement has clouded their judgement.



The fourth studio album is happier and appeals to the pop culture, people have come to enjoy these days. It is difficult to digest the upbeat tones and obvious turn in direction the band has made that brought them to this point. Perhaps the Farros were on to something when they split a couple of years ago. I appreciate the need for fresh starts and a fresh look at things, however I feel they tried to fix something that was not broken. The mix of genres and obvious “180 degree approach” they chose to “reinvent” themselves has left me confused and a bit disappointed. Perhaps the “new” Paramore is something I still need to embrace however, some die-hard fans may be disappointed with the final result.

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Track list


1. Fast In My Car
2. Now
3. Grow Up
4. Daydreaming
5. interlude: Moving On
6. Ain’t It Fun
7. Part II
8. Last Hope
9. Still Into You
10. Anklebiters
11. interlude: Holiday
12. Proof
13. Hate To See Your Heart Break
14. (One Of Those) Crazy Girls
15. interlude: I’m Not Angry Anymore
16. Be Alone
17. Future