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Sandra Bullock has for a very long time been one of the sweetest and sexiest Hollywood sweethearts.   And while we don’t know her personally, it’s very hard to find any holes in her personality.  She’s had some memorable roles and movies in her life and lets not forget the Oscar for The Blind Side.

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We watched A Time To Kill the other day and it got us thinking.  Considering how many movies Bullock’s been in, I wanted to go back and see which ones I thought she was the hottest in.  I mean Bullock is sexy period, but there are specific roles that I think brought out the sex appeal more than others.

Here are our Top 5 Sexiest Sandra Bullock Movie Scenes. Note this is not her best acting performances, purely her sexiest movie scenes in ANY of her movies:

Top 5 Sexiest Sandra Bullock Movie Scenes

Top 5 Sexiest Sandra Bullock Movie Scenes


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1. The proposal

The infamous naked shower scene with Ryan Reynolds. I think it might be her character in this film more than anything.  And let’s not forget to mention she’s well into her 40s in this film.  So for her to come out naked like that was very impressive.  Plus the whole corporate bitchy thing is really sexy.  Combine the whole attitude with cougar and you’ve got yourself a sexy character.


2.  A Time To Kill

First of all this was a phenomenal movie.  Her character in this is one of youth, exuberance, and pure sex appeal.  The scene where she gets drunk and then lies down on the bed in her hotel room?  Awesome.  Unfortunately I was unable to find this clip on youtube, but I’m sure you guys

Sandra Bullock Time to kill



3. Miss Congeniality

I think this scene says it all.  It’s probably the hottest she’s ever looked in any movie. The movie was pure fun, nothing more. Sandra at her sexiest and funniest.

4. The Net


You don’t often see Sandra Bullock’s body exposed in movies.  It was nice to know she had the goods in a bikini.  Of course years later she’s naked in The Proposal but overall it’s rare to see her skin. This was and will always be one of our favorite movies of all time. I remember watching this “futuristic” movie where you order pizza from your computer, where people can track you online, and can erase your bank details and were thinking no way! What a long way we’ve come. This movie was the “Enemy of the State” movie of its time…

5. Speed

Most folks might not agree but I love her cute little look and character in this flick.  There’s something very sexy about her. This was when she rode into our hearts. It was when Hollywood and the world took note of the beautiful, sexy, quirky and lovely Sandra Bullock.

Sandra Bullock Speed

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Noteworthy: Fire on the Amazon – Few people will remember this 1993 B-rated movie where there is indeed a sex scene with a very young Sandra. Go ahead and Google it. Here’s the trailer:


What do you think? Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below…

3 Movies Sandra Bullock will star in next