Cameron Diaz needs no introduction to any and every movie fan, from that first moment when she was first introduced in ‘The Mask’ to her latest movie ‘Sex Tape’. She’s been dazzling us with her looks and personality for so many years and she is aging gracefully we might add! Cameron’s been one of the sexiest woman in the world for a long time now, her ability to stay in shape and remain an absolute blonde bombshell (Have a look at the ‘Sex Tape’ movie trailer below) is simply amazing..

We took a trip down memory lane, and listed our 10 sexiest Cameron Diaz movie scenes.

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1. Bad Teacher – Car Wash

The movie is nothing to rave about, but it did offer one of thee sexiest scenes ever. Cameron assists her kids with a car wash fundraising event. The result is absolutely stunning:

bad-teacher-car-wash 2

2. Charlie’s Angels – Morning Workout

Charlie’s Angels (2000) also not the best movie ever, but there is at least one scene worth watching, namely the one in which Cameron dances around her bedroom in her pants. After that you can turn it off. This is Cameron’s goofy-sexy routine in full effect, and even if her dancing is a little manic, she still looks as cute as cute can be.


3. The Sweetest Thing – Car Scene & Gravity Scene

This ‘chick-flick’ delivered some two extremely sexy Cameron moments, one in the dressing room where Cameron (dressed in a bikini) contemplates the effects gravity at the age of 22 vs. 28. The second scene is the famous car scene where Christina Applegate has a rather awkward but sexy as hell scene in a car.

4. The Counselor – Panelope Cruz Scene

A much more serious movie for Cameron, but oh boy is she hot in this scene. We had a taste of this in the trailer for the movie. Cameron is displaying a string of tattoos across her back, and only covered very strategically by a towel.


5. Charlie’s Angels – Striptease

6. The Other Woman – plumber outfit

Not only does this movie have the sexy swimsuit model Kate Upton in it, but we get to see a lot of Cameron wearing a bikini. The scene that makes the list however is Cameron on her way to surprise her man wearing a sexy plumber’s outfit. Sadly we could not get a video of this scene (yet), and we’re left with this poor image that definitely does not do the scene justice.


7. Sex Tape

We’ve not even seen this movie yet (only the trailer) and already we have a scene worth putting on this list. Have a look at this outfit that Cameron is Wearing while seducing her husband. Click here for the full red band trailer.

8. Knight and Day

This was probably one of her movies that we enjoyed the most. In this scene she’s on a beach once again wearing a bikini, with none other than Tom Cruise.

9. Charlie’s Angels – Beach Swim/Surf

It’s sad that we had to mention Charlie’s Angels here three times, but seeing Cameron Diaz frolicking around on a pristine beach in a stunning white bikini in Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle (2003) is priceless. She looks in perfect shape, as does fellow beach bunny Demi Moore. That’s some nice casting right there.

10. The Mask – Stage Performance

The moment when it all began. A big screen star is born as Cameron Diaz stars in The Mask (1994) as lounge singer / bank robber Tina Carlyle, coming off like Jessica Rabbit made flesh. Debuts don’t get much sexier than that. She looks a total knockout in the red dress she wears at the beginning of the film, but when she does her song and dance routine… phew!

Cameron Diaz the MAsk