How The World Reacted To The Exorcist Back In 1973

How The World Reacted To The Exorcist Back In 1973

If there’s one movie that stands out as the most influential, most shocking and most gruesome film then surely it is the 1974 classic The Exorcist. I can still remember being affected by this movie in a pretty dark way and this movie probably contributed to my love for horror films (weird I know).

We’re huge fan of the film and named it a few times in our popular top 10 lists:

The Exorcist must have been a close first in ripping off that layer of sensitivity that still surrounded all the movie goers back then. These days we’ve all become desensitized to horror movies, But when The Exorcist first came out, no one had ever seen anything like it before, so it scared the shit out of anyone who watched it. This was the most widely banned movie ever. It was so terrifying that people were passing out during screenings, leaving the theater in horror, and throwing up. Horror movies just don’t have the same effect on people like this anymore.

Take a trip down memory lane with the below two videos. The first one shows some viewer reactions to the film, as well as the short documentary below which gives us an indication of the madness that reigned in Los Angeles and in the world before and during the movies premiere.

How The World Reacted To The Exorcist Back In 1973: