Edgar Wright Not Credited as Ant-Man Screenwriter

Edgar Wright Not Credited as Ant-Man Screenwriter

With the official teaser/trailer for Ant-Man came a press release that we are sure all Edgar Wright fans will find very interesting. That press release interestingly states that the screenplay credit only went to Adam McKay and Paul Rudd. Edgar Wright’s name is not listed. Instead he and and Joe Cornish will receive a “story by” credit, and Wright is also named as an executive producer. So it’s not like he’s been completely pushed out. After all, he did spend eight years of his life developing the movie.

For those of you completely in the dark, Edgar Wright spent years writing the Ant-Man script and was completely removed as writer and director pre-production. Check-out all the details here.

A couple of months ago, McKay revealed that he and Rudd worked on the rewrite together. When talking about the script he said:

“I was really proud of what we did, I really thought we put some amazing stuff in there and built on an already strong script from Edgar Wright and sort of just enhanced some stuff.

“We just shaped the whole thing, we just tried to streamline it, make it cleaner, make it a little bigger, a little more aggressive, make it funnier in places… Edgar had a really good script. But we just had a blast, and Rudd was just so much fun to write with.”

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McKay and Rudd must have must have given the script a pretty good overhaul to knock Wright off the screenwriting credit. It would have been great to see what Wright’s vision of Ant-Man, let’d hope the movie hold up to expectations. We only got a little tease of what’s in store for us, but it packed quite a punch.