Screen Junkies are back with another installment of their epic honest trailers. This time round they take a swing at Marvel’s wildly popular hit movie “Guardians of the Galaxy“. The trailer titled “Space Avengers” is having fun with some similarities between James Gunn’s movie and “The Avengers”.

The narrator takes a couple of jabs saying:

“There’s Captain Star-Lord from America, the human leader from a different time and place, like Captain America. Gamora, the Black Widow-ish female assassin, like Black Widow. Drax, the guy with the killer abs who doesn’t understand our customs in a Thor-ish kind of way,” the narrator says, introducing the characters. Groot is compared to Hulk, while the Rocket Racoon is a “tech genius with drinking problem” like Tony Stark. After listing the baddies, the narrator adds, “If you’re still confused, just remember the hero is still the white guy.”

He continues:

“Experience the swagger of a movie studio drunk on its own power, as Marvel trolls the world and doles out middle fingers to the audience they know they have in the palm of their hands. ‘Oh you like superheroes? Well how ’bout a movie that stars a ****ing raccoon and a ****ing tree?’ “


Honest Trailer for 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Unleashed

Honest Trailer for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Unleashed

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