Thor 2

ScreenJunkies just released the honest trailer for Thor: The Dark World. They take hilarious yet true  jabs at the second Thor movie, making comical references to Portal, Avengers and even X-Men:

“Prepare for another perfectly passable Thor movie while we all wait for The Avengers 2.”

We really enjoyed Thor 2,  Check-out our review here. Also, the latest news from the Thor camp is that writers Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost will write the screenplay for “Thor 3″! This is excellent news for Thor fans, Kyle served as an executive producer for “Thor: The Dark World” and Christopher Yost co-wrote the script. “Thor 2” raked in a massive $627.1 million last year, so it makes perfect sense to stick with the experienced duo that will team up this time round to pen the script for the third installment.

Here’s the Honest Trailer for Thor: The Dark World:

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