HearthStone Expansion Website Live With New Cards Revealed

HearthStone Expansion Website Live With New Cards Revealed

BlizzCon 2014 may be over, but the next HearthStone expansion called ‘Goblins vs Gnomes’ excitement continues on the official Goblins vs Gnomes webpage! Every few days Blizzard will be featuring new cards for us to help reveal. Using Twitter and the hashtags #GVGRed or #GVGBlue, we can participate in revealing all-new cards for the world to see. Head on over to the website now to cast your vote!

We already had a quick glance at most of the new cards, which you can check out here or on Blizzards Hearthstone Facebook gallery has all of the revealed cards for you to see. Alternatively you can head over  to one of the awesome deck building sites like HearthHead and HearthPwn to start thinking of new decks.

Goblins vs Gnomes throws players smack dab in the middle of a rivalry between cunning goblin engineers and their eternally-tinkering gnome counterparts. These pint-size foes don’t always have the upper hand over the myriad mechanical contraptions they cook up, and the results can be . . . unpredictable.

Over 120 New Cards The expansion brings a slew of brand-new cards that are ready to wreak a wealth of mechanized havoc on your opponent:  Our own tinkerers and explosives aficionados have assembled over 120 new cards that will be sure to throw a wrench in your opponent’s gears—literally.

Here’s the official trailer for the Goblins vs Gnomes expansion, with some actual game-play below: