We have fresh material from Bring Me The Horizon with the release of their latest single titled ‘Drown’. Drown is the first new music we’ve heard from Bring Me The Horizon since the runaway success of last year’s Sempiternal album, and they’ve progressed that sound in a big way with this latest track.

Gone are the screams and electronics/guitars duels, Drown a much calmer affair. We’re not sure if the calming change is a permanent thing, let’s hope so, because we absolutely loved Sepiternal. Not that this is a bad track, but as mentioned it is a rather slower track compared to what we’re used to from BMTH.

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One thing is clear, nobody can call them predictable. After releasing three albums that are stylistically different to one another, Drown is another example of Bring Me The Horizon being one of the most intriguing bands around as they switch things up again. In a world of playing it safe, this new track is anything but.

Also, Drown will not be on the new album. As confirmed by electronics whizz Jordan Green on Twitter, this is just a standalone song.

bmth-drown bmth-drown-2

The video itself is as strange as you’d expect from the guys. A 70’s style stage setup with the guys wearing suits, a werewolf transformation, an exorcism, and medical patients as the crowd.

As someone who likes the crunch and edge that BMTH have always had to their music, Drown is a bit of a disappointment on first listen. Drums pound away and everything sounds huge but this is comfortably the most accessible and radio friendly thing they’ve ever done. Dare we say they sound like 30 Seconds to Mars? Repeat listens are required to get the most out of this bad boy. It’s a stylistic shift and what you’re left with is a natural step in Horizon’s evolution and a song that’s bound to be a stormer at live concerts.

The band are due to hit the studio early next year to record the follow-up to Sempiternal.