Moto 360 Smartwatch Hands-on and Price Revealed

Moto 360 Smartwatch Hands-on and Price Revealed

The race for the leading Smartwatch is on, and we just received more info on one of the most highly anticipated Smartwatches, the Moto 360. We did a quick review of the moto 360 a few months back. Yesterday motorola gave customers a hands-on preview in Chicago revealing the price at $249 and that it will be on sale from Friday at select retailers including Best Buy.

The Moto 360 is absolutely beautiful, and compared to the other Smartwatches we’ve seen it is miles ahead. The timing of this reveal is perfect for Motorola, as Apple is rumoured to release their iWatch in a few days.

With a 1.56-inch round display, the Moto 360 offers a bright, touch-sensitive interface and will also wake up when you move it, meaning, if you turn your wrist, the screen, which may be dark or slightly illuminated, will brighten. The display is something of an engineering feat, in that it fills almost the entire round face, with pixels running right up to the metal edge. There is still a rather shallow dead zone at the bottom, which you often don’t notice because there are messages and notifications from your phone in the lower third of the screen. If the Moto 360 has no information to show you or it’s fully in watch mode, though, you may notice that little black zone.

Of course, the Moto 360 is much more than just a good-looking watch. It connects to your Android phone via Bluetooth and can deliver a world of information — much of it Google-centric — everything from recent sports scores to your emails and notifications. It can handle incoming and outgoing calls, track your steps, measure your heart rate and install thousands of apps, though relatively few are designed specifically for the Moto 360’s round interface.

The below developer preview gives us an even better idea of what the Moto 360 can do:

This definitely sets the standard compared to what we’ve seen in the world of Smartphones. Stay tuned for our first impressions of the Apple iWatch. The competition is heating up!

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