This is my third week into the World of Warcraft, and I am dotting down my journey as I go through the massive lore and gaming of World of Warcraft. If you missed part 1 then check here. This is part 2, and after jumping in head first I know have a bit of a better understanding of how the game works, how everything fits together, and how to really enjoy the game. Yup I am still a noob, but the point of these guides and journey is to help those that are taking the same journey I am.

1. Understand the history

Understanding the history and all the back stories of the game makes for an intense and thoroughly enjoyable experience. My biggest challenge thus far is understanding how the entire world and lore of Warcraft fits together. Once you start watching some lore videos you quickly get lost and confused seeing as the history is massive! But, with some effort and thanks to some awesome gamers that create awesome youtube videos it is possible to understand the entire history and lore of WoW.

The biggest help here was youtuber Nobbel87. Check-out the below history of Warcraft video, and be sure to pause after 25 minutes as this will take you past the first World of Warcraft game (WoW Vanilla) and contains spoilers:


2. World of Warcraft Vanilla

So this is where the story is at the moment. As I am grinding and questing in Azeroth I am slowly but surely interacting with some of the bigger plot lines of the story.  The Story picks up after the last Warcraft 3 RTS game:

My World of Warcraft Journey Begins Part 2

My World of Warcraft Journey Begins Part 2

The trick is not to get spoiled by what happens after WoW vanilla, as there’s already been at least 10 expansions and patches after this one. Get up to speed with the story up to here, and continue catching up as your gaming progresses.


3. You have to raid

Raiding is something I’ve not done yet, but this is how you move through and defeat the biggest enemies in the game, and eventually finish the story of WoW Vanilla. Sure you can play solo and finish all the quests and even do a few dungeons together with a 5-man team, but this is missing out on the greatest part of Wow and that is the massive task of defeating the biggest threat to Azeroth.

You can only start raiding once you reach level 60. So at this stage I am still questing, and doing a few dungeons. Here is my rather mediocre looking Warrior at level 39. I have not done any enchanting, transmorgifications or socketing. As you progress you get additional skills and talents. This makes you a better warrior (in my case) and allows me to take on those mighty foes on my own.

My World of Warcraft Journey Begins Part 2

My World of Warcraft Journey Begins Part 2


4. Make Friends

This has been one of the biggest things that helped me the most. Join a guild, or start interacting with other players online or on the WoW forums. These guys can help you and guide into really taking your Wow gaming experience to the next level.

Lastly, have fun. I am really getting addicted in the massive world, and knowning the lore has become somewhat of an obession for me. Next up will probably be focussing on making my warrior better in terms of gear, skills and enchantments. At this point I’ve pretty much used the gear I picked up.

Here’s Part 3.