SlipKnot Releases Second Track Titled 'The Devil In I'

SlipKnot Releases Second Track Titled ‘The Devil In I’

As the debate rages on about who the drummer and bassist on the new Slipknot album is, the band releases the second song from their¬†fifth record titled “.5: The Gray Chapter”.¬†The album title references bassist Paul Gray who died of an overdose of morphine and fentanyl in 2010.

The release date of 21 October comes days before the October 24th kickoff of the group’s three-day Knotfest, which will take place in San Bernardino, California this year. Now the band has also announced its Prepare for Hell tour, which will kick off immediately after the fest and take them around North America through early December with support from Korn and King 810.

Slipknot teased the new record earlier this month with the release of the song “The Negative One“. The latest addition is called “The Devil in I,” as was given as an “instant gratification” track for pre orders. That song, a pummeling yet melodic hard rock tune, is available in the video below.

The group has yet to announce the bassist on the new record, as well as the name of the person handling drums, since founding member Joey Jordison parted ways with the group last December. In interviews, Taylor has been likening the material on .5: The Gray Chapter to a combination of the sounds on their 2001 LP Iowa and 2004 album Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses).

.5: The Gray Chapter track list:

1. “XIX”
2. “Sarcastrophe”
3. “AOV”
4. “The Devil in I”
5. “Killpop”
6. “Skeptic”
7. “Lech”
8. “Goodbye”
9. “Nomadic”
10. “The One That Kills The Least”
11. “Custer”
12. “Be Prepared For Hell”
13. “The Negative One”
14. “If Rain Is What You Want”
15. “Override” (Bonus Track)
16. “The Burden” (Bonus Track)