It’s a first on many levels for Slipknot, as they released the first track and video for ‘The Negative One’ Yesterday. It’s their first track since the death of bassist Paul Gray, their first track in 6 years, and their first without legendary drummer Joey that left the band on December 2013.

Their new song, entitled The Negative One, was posted onto the band’s website, and is a sample of what’s to come from their forthcoming fifth album. The track, which recalls the band’s early material with its menacing vocals, trademark chugging guitars and a heavy groove interspersed with scratching, is the first sample of music fans have heard since 2008’s All Hope Is Gone.

Brace yourself for some pretty disturbing images. We absolutely love this track, and look forward to hear the rest of the album!

slipknot the negative one

[Source: Slipknot Releases ‘The Negative One’ Music Video]