We just saw the trailer for the third Hobbit movie, also known as “The Defining Chapter” and officially called “The Battle of the the Five Armies“. There is something epic about the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trailers. The Tolkien geek in us went absolutely crazy!

If you are surprised that Peter Jackson managed to get 3 full movies out of a kids book, then check-out our post on what to expect from the Battle of Five Armies. Peter Jackson loves to insert Tolkien lore into his Tolkien movies even though it is not originally in the books. While with Lord of the Rings it was less noticeable, with the Hobbit is is quite substantial. To give the non-book readers an idea, the way “The Desolation of Smaug” ended, the previous hobbit movie the Book ends in about one event after Smaug flies out of the lonely mountain. The movie could have completed the last bit of the book in 30 minutes. But… that would not nearly be as awesome right? Hence Jackson is bringing Tolkien lore that took place after the Hobbit book, and giving us a full fledged action packed third in the trilogy.

We dissected the trailer here, and listed 8 Things We Learned From The New Hobbit Trailer. Be sure to check it out!

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For now, sit back and watch the much anticipated trailer for the final chapter in the Hobbit trilogy; The Battle of the Five Armies. New Line also released this poster of Bilbo: