The new trailer for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies was released yesterday, and it as packed with information and scenes that tells us a lot of what to expect in the upcoming film. If you’ve not seen the trailer then check-it here.

We listed 10 things we learned from the new Hobbit trailer. If you are a fan of Tolkien, then most of these points won’t be breaking news, as we already know what to expect based on the end of the book, and the rest of the Tolkien lore that director Peter Jackson is using in the film.

Here’s 8 Things We Learned From The New Hobbit Trailer. Take note that this may be considered as spoilers for some.


1. Smaug Destroys Laketown



This is a pretty obvious one. From the trailer we can see Smaug in full flight unleashing his fiery hell on the poor citizens of Laketown. It can be clearly seen in the second image above.


2. Pippin’s Song

Notice the song that start playing at 32 seconds into the trailer. This is Pippin singing the song that we heard in Lord of the Rings. This is the song he sang for Lord Denethor, the keeper of Gondor. Awesome song…chilling and sad. Here’s the full song as we heard it in Lord of the Rings:


3. Gandalf Dies?


This is an assumption, but based on the screenshot, Galadriel is kissing what seems to be a dead Gandalf. Last time we saw Gandalf he was captured in Dol Goldhur. Obviously Gandalf can’t be dead, seeing as the entire Lord of the Rings still needs to happen. But it will be interesting to see how this scene plays out.


4. The Dwarves recapture the Lonely Mountain


Here we can see the Dwarves overlooking all the gold in the Lonely mountain. One can only assume that “somehow” they will finally recapture their homeland. The question is for how long?


5. Humans and Elves join forces?


We’re not quite sure what this scene means. We see the Elves seemingly show a path, or a sign of respect towards Bard. Knowing what lies ahead this is indeed a confusing scene. Are they going to fight together?


6. Expect War


The Dwarves have the opportunity for peace or war, and sadly war is chosen. He does look pretty Kingly with his armour though.


7. Lots or Orcs


With Azog the Defiler still seeking his revenge, and now being controlled by Sauron, we can expect to see lots of Orcs. The do play a pivotal in the battle of the five armies.


8. Battle Goats


How awesome is this! These are probably the Dwarves from the iron hills, riding battle goats!

What did we miss? did you enjoy the trailer? Let us know in the comments…

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