Fans of the wildly popular show “Teen Wolf” are chewing their nails as they brace themselves for the second half of season four. MTV released the mid-season trailer at Comic-Con on July 24, while hundreds of fans enjoyed the event over the weekend. “The Benefactor” is sure to make the lives difficult for all the supernatural creatures as he plans to take them out with the assistance of professional hit-men! Will we see another tragic death of one of our favorite characters before the end of season 4? We expect the gang to put up an epic fight to what could be the best season in the series so far.

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Tyler Posey as the transformed Scott McCall in MTV's "Teen Wolf"

Tyler Posey as the transformed Scott McCall in MTV‘s “Teen Wolf”

Spoiler alert: The trailer also reveals who and what Deputy Jordan Parrish (Ryan Kelley) really is.

Tyler Posey‘s Scott declares in the mid-season trailer:

“No one else dies”

Let’s hope that is the case! Without revealing too much of what happens in the current season so far, feast you eyes on the mid-season trailer:


Catch the next episode of “Teen Wolf” on Monday, July 28 at 10:00 P.M. ET/PT.

Geeks attending Comic-Con should make the time to check out the “Teen Wolf” booth (#3729). Information courtesy of thepub:

“For the first time ever, fans can stop by MTV’s “Teen Wolf” booth on the convention center floor. The booth (#3729) will be open to fans all weekend long and will be highlighted by signings and special appearances by cast members and crew.  The booth will also feature four full days of activations where fans can insert themselves into a custom character poster and create their own “Teen Wolf”-inspired monster. Additionally, MTV commissioned artist Swann Smith to illustrate a limited edition bestiary that serves as a full guide to the creatures of Beacon Hills.  The bestiary will be distributed for free throughout the weekend and Swann will be on hand signing copies at the booth. “