Surely by the vast amount of supposed “leaked” iPhone 6 images hitting the web we can now surely agree on a few things. That the news iPhone will have a bigger screen, and have round edges, and that we can expect two models. One 4.7 inch model and one 5.5 inch model.

Based on everything we’ve seen these are the common factors among all ot the rumours. We also looked at some of the radical claims for the next iPhone, things like waterproof, extra-thin and a body as hard as a rock. Take a look at more of these crazy rumours here.

For Today though, let’s enjoy these absolutely stunning  iPhone 6 Concept Images by Thomas Moyano and Nicolas Aichino of what the net iPhone 6 could look like:

iphone-6-5-1024x724 iphone-6-1-1024x724 iphone-6-3-1024x724

Beautiful! Stay tuned with all our iPhone 6 news here.