Maroon 5’s brand new single for their upcoming fifth studio album has been made available for our listening pleasure. Aptly titled “V”, the new album will feature their flagship song, “Maps”, which is a mid-tempo pop track. The song features the vocals of the ever popular Adam Levine while he delivers the catchy lyrics.

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“Maps” feature on Maroon 5’s new album, “V”.

Some lyrics from the track:

“But I wonder where were you/ When I was at my worst/ Down on my knees/ And you said you had my back/ So I wonder where were you,”

“All the roads you took came back to me/ So I’m following the map that leads to you/ The map that leads to you/ Ain’t nothing I can do.”

Their new album is scheduled to be released on September 2.

Listen to the new Maroon 5 Single, ‘Maps’.