Marvel is in the process of finding a replacement for Edgar Wright who left the “Ant-Man” project two weeks ago due to creative differences. Multiple sources confirm that Nicholas Stoller (“Neighbors”) and Michael Dowse (“Goon”) are added to the mix of hopefuls to take over the helm. Adam McKay (“Anchorman” movies), Ruben Fleischer (“Gangster Squad”) and Rawson Marshall Thurber (“We’re the Millers”) have been cited previously as possible replacements. McKay and Thurber turned down the opportunity which leaves us with  Stoller, Dowse and Fleischer as the last men standing.

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Ant-Man revealed with his mask on

Ant-Man revealed with his mask on

The storyline for the anticipated Marvel movie is still under wraps but earlier reports and casting announcement suggest that we will have two protagonists in the superhero flick. Paul Rudd will take on the role as Scott Lang, we assume he will also be Ant-Man. Michael Douglas joined the cast as the inventor of Ant-Man’s shrinking particles and equipment.

Additional casting rumors suggest that Michael Pena has entered early negotiations for an undisclosed role, and Former “Lost” star Evangeline Lilly is in talks to take on a role as a female lead with some insiders suggesting that “she would play the daughter of Pym (Douglas) and Lang’s love interest.”

“Ant-Man” is set to be released on July 17, 2015.

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