The rumor was already out, and we knew that Sony was planning to expand the Spider-Man Franchise with a series of spin-offs. Today, in an attempt to “forge a new legacy in the in the story of Peter Parker on screen” Sony announced that the first official spin-off is none other than Venom!

Jamie Foxx once teased us with the possibility of introducing the infamous Sinister Six, the Daily Bugle’s Tumblr page hinted at the appearances of Spider-Slayers and The Vulture.

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Venom was introduced before in Sam Raimi’s “Spider Man 3,” however the time spent to develop the character was not significant enough to bring forward Venom’s true potential. Seeing as this is an official spin-off we can expect much more detail and effort being put into developing Venom.

The spin-offs will be developed by Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, Jeff Pinkner, Ed Solomon and Drew Goddard. Kurtzman, Orci and Solomon will team up to write the screenplay for “Venom (2017)”, which Kurtzman will direct.

No release date has been set just yet, Geekshizzle will keep you posted. In the meantime we can expect Marc Webb’s “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” to hit theaters on May 2, 2014.

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Who is Venom?



Spider-Man first encountered the Venom Symbiote in Secret Wars #8, in which he unwittingly merged with it. After Spider-Man rejected it, the Symbiote merged with Eddie Brock, its most well-known host.  Originally, the Symbiote was portrayed as a mute and lonely creature craving the company of a host. More recently, it has been shown as increasingly abusive of its hosts, and having the power of speech.

The Venom Symbiote has no known name, as “Venom” is essentially the moniker Eddie Brock adopted due to his history with Spider-Man. According to S.H.I.E.L.D., it is considered one of the greatest threats to humanity, alongside Magneto, Doctor Doom, and Red Skull.

Venom is a Symbiote, a sentient alien, with a gooey, almost liquid-like form that requires a host, usually human, to bond with for its survival, as with real world symbiotes, and to whom it endows enhanced powers. When the Venom Symbiote bonds with a human, that new dual-life form refers to itself as Venom.

Because symbiotes do not exclusively bond to one being, a number of people have worn the symbiote over the years, taking along with it the name “Venom”. Notable among them are conflicted anti-hero Eddie Brock, the second recipient of the Venom Symbiote after Peter Parker. There was also Flash Thompson, an Army Corporal currently using the Venom Symbiote as an agent of the United States government, and Mac Gargan, a criminal known as Scorpion who operated with the Symbiote as a member of theThunderbolts.

Venom venom vs spiderman

Powers and Abilities:

  • The Symbiote/Venom is capable of:
  • Shapeshifting abilities, including the ability to form spikes or expand its size
  • Mimic the appearance of other humanoids after it has obtained a host.
  • Telepathic abilities, primarily when it needs to communicate with its host.
  • Because of its contact with Spider-Man, the Symbiote grants all of its subsequent hosts that hero’s powers and cannot be detected by his spider-sense.
  • Venom is also capable of producing webbing similar to Spider-man’s own variety created from itself.
  • Venom exhibits some immunities to the supernatural powers of others such as the Penance Stare of Ghost Rider or Spider-Man’s extrasensory spider-sense.
  • Venom is able to replicate itself.
  • The Venom Symbiote is vulnerable to fire and sonic waves, causing it great pain and exhaustion if it sustains enough exposure.
  • Venom can sense and track all of its offspring symbiotes except Carnage

The potential is there to create a truly great Villain (Anti-Hero perhaps?) with Venom! the creative team that will be behind the movie, and several other Spider-Man spin-offs have also been announced. They are  Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, Jeff Pinkner, Ed Solomon, and Drew Goddard to collaborate on overseeing the developing story over several films that will be produced by Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach.

Commenting on the announcement, Doug Belgrad, president of Columbia Pictures said:

“The Spider-Man film franchise is one of our studio’s greatest assets. We are thrilled with the creative team we have assembled to delve more deeply into the world that Marc, Avi and Matt have begun to explore in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ and ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2.’ We believe that Marc, Alex, and Drew have uniquely exciting visions for how to expand the Spider-Man universe in each of these upcoming films.”

Excited yet? We are!