If you’re not familiar with the PS4’s wobble, when Giant Bomb did an unboxing earlier this week, they noticed that the console would move if you pushed down on the glossy side. Naturally, in the days before a massive console launch, the apparent “design-flaw” went viral and the internet speculated on it’s possible design flaw.

Kotaku investigated further and from the images and video below there is a definite tilt happening when you press from above on the glossy side. But, for the OCD players out there, there is a quick solution as can be seen below.

We’re not really sure if this is a design flaw, or even how many PS4 owners will pick this up, I mean have you ever performed this test on any of your consoles?

The irony of all this is we can’t wait to put the Xbox One through the wobble test! IF the gif below isn’t enough proof, then jump to the video below it:

PS4 Wobble Kotaku

Does the new PS4 and the Apparent ‘Wobbling’ problem bother you?