Robin Thicke’s music video (ft. T.I., Pharrell) – Blurred Lines, has become one of the most watched music videos during the last 2 months. The featured YouTube link however, is not the version everyone is raving about. The censored version has received an impressive 25 million hits, which leaves us wondering how many hits the uncensored version has achieved? Due to the “nudity or sexual content” violation policy, YouTube flagged the provocative uncensored version. Needless to say, the music video features three models as the center of attention with one standing out in particular.

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Emily Ratajkowski is the American model and actress who is mainly responsible for the attention and viral status, “Blurred Lines” has received so far.






Due to the nature of out website we will not be able to post a direct link to the uncensored music video.

We did however include the teaser censored version from YouTube.

Blurred Lines (feat. T.I. & Pharrell) – Single – iTunes download


Click here to see Emliy Ratajkowski latest photo shoot for GQ where there are definitely no “Blurred Lines”: