Infinity Blade III on the iPhone 5s

Infinity Blade III on the iPhone 5s

The poster child game for mobile gaming, Infinity Blade released it’s third instalment on the 17th, one day earlier than expected. Initially the game was supposed to launch after the new Apple iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s and iOS 7 where live. Early reviews started pouring in naming it a worthy successor to Infinity Blade II. However, we wanted to see what the game looks like on the new iPhone 5s and it’s ground breaking new A7 processor. Apple used Infinity Blade III on stage during the launch of the new iPhones on the 10th of September, this is what Apple claims is a worthy tester of it’s new graphics processor.

Needless to say there are high expectation for Infinity Blade III. Infinity Blade III represents the pinnacle of mobile gaming. Everyone is watching, and we simply could not wait to get footage of this game on the new iPhone 5s.

Today we can bring you that game play footage, and tell you exactly how much greater the game looks on the new iPhone 5s compared to the other devices. This is as much a test of the game, as it is a test of Apple’s new A7 Chip in the iPhone 5s.


Here’s a game-play video of Infinity Blade III on the OLD iPhone 5:

Here’s a game-play video of Infinity Blade III on the NEW iPhone 5s:

There is a definite improvement with the graphics compared to the previous iPhone of iPad, but to the untrained eye the differences will be less noticeable. Load times and lag during play is less, and with the addition of more diverse scenery, eight distinct worlds accessible via a world map and enough lens flares to make JJ Abrams proud, Infinity Blade III lives up to it’s expectations.

None of the previous core game-play mechanisms changed much in the latest edition, yet developer Chair has managed to make the game even more addictive by increasing the depth and breadth of just about everything surrounding that core game-play. This is it’s greatest accomplishment with Infinity Blade III; it sucks you in and keeps you playing!  There are plenty additions to the character development and upgrades. The balance between the real time upgrade-times or ‘brewing-times’ is also well managed, there’s nothing better than logging on after a long day and having a few potions and upgrades finished and ready to use.

Infinity Blade is going for $6.99 in the App Store. For the Android fans, looks like it may still be a while before it’s available on Android. Chair’s co-founder was quoted saying:

“The challenge has been historically that [Android] has been a pretty fragmented operating system where it would be very challenging to take a game of the complexity of Infinity Blade and have it work on all the devices… in the last year, most of that has gone away,” Mustard says. “I think it’s pretty much there, now, it’s just time… we’ve got lots of things that we’re working on, and we’re just looking for the right opportunity.”

For a screenshot comparison between the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5S, head over to toucharcade.