Fans are anxiously waiting to see more footage of the upcoming Hollywood blockbusters. There are two movies about Hercules on the way, one with with Dwayne Johnson in “Hercules: The Thracian Wars” and Kellan Lutz in “Hercules 3D”.


Harlin revealed that he’s aiming for something altogether more realistic with a dark edge

Director and writer of “Hercules 3D” Renny Harlin recently spoke to

Harlin said:

“We’re somewhere between Gladiator and Clash Of The Titans Ours is definitely based on the mythology of Hercules, but we don’t have monsters and flying horses and things like that. Our story is the young Hercules, so I would say that the sequel will probably dive into the Labours. As you know, in the mythology Hercules ended up killing his wife and children, and as atonement he got the 12 Labours.”


From the director of Cliffhanger and Die Hard 2

He added,

“So we definitely reference them as a future thing, but he doesn’t go through them because he’s just starting his journey. It’s an origin story about how a young man comes to terms with learning he’s the son of Zeus and how he deals with the destiny that he has. It’s definitely a very different look at Hercules. I really wanted to bring in all those mythological elements, so that people can Google the names of characters and places and learn more about them.”

“Hercules 3D” is expected to hit theaters in March, 2014.