The “something big” that Apple is rumoured to launch at this years WWDC just became much more than a rumour. In the latest TV Add for the Apple iPhone 5 we see a person wearing something that may just be the new iWatch. Is it possible that Apple is flashing it’s new product in something as subtle as a iPhone 5 add?

After the invites went out for this years WWDC, rumours started flying regarding the release of something big, possibly a wrist-like type of device. This on top of a possible revamp of the Apple TV.

Here’s the screen grab of the image:

Apple iwatch Geekshizzle


Here’s the TV add:

Apple Add shows iWatch

An iWatch would be absolutely awesome. We look back to the days where Steve Jobs hosted these WWDC events and we where left blown away by what Apple launched. We’re holding thumbs!