Get your Geek on with these stylish, fresh and elegant Gadgets.  Here’s our Geek Gadgets of the week:

Star Trek TNG Communicator Badge


This will fit perfectly with your team-Picard outfit. Let your imagination go and pretend you are aboard the Enterprise. This badge was crafted from one of the only remaining sets of original molds from the TV series, so the size and shape are exactly the same. Using an actual screen-used badge, the colors were matched exactly in gold and silver-finished metal. Best of all, the magnetic clasp holds firm to your uniform without damaging the fabric.. [ThinkGeek]

BACtrack Element Professional Breathalyzer


The new BACtrack Element quickly and easily tests for the presence of alcohol and provides a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) estimate. Simply press the power button, blow through one of the included mouthpieces, and get results in seconds.


Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener


Show your allegiance with this Millenium Falcon Bottle Opener. This metal gadget comes with a magnet on the back to keep you from losing it, as long as you don’t toss it out with the garbage or lose it gambling. And remember: don’t drink and engage the hyperdrive! [ThinkGeek]

Assassins Creed 3 Tomahawk


A true warrior’s weapon, assuming your metal of choice is convention-approved PU latex, this instrument of war is over 19 inches of pure grace. Sculpted to look just like the weapon in the game, it’s the final piece to your Assassin’s Creed cosplay ensemble. It feels great in the hand, weighted nicely due to the fiberglass core, and will serve you well for Halloween, cosplay, or any day you’d like to put an axe in someone’s head without being arrested. [ThinkGeek]

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