Get your Geek on with these stylish, fresh and elegant Gadgets.  Here’s our Geek Gadgets of the week:

Bond Black Luggage Tag


Travel like agent 007. Bond, James Bond. A perfect complement to your black Samsonite wheely bag. The premium leather used for these luggage tags is custom dyed and cut for us from leading U.S. tannery, Wickett & Craig. Each tag is 8 oz of top grade vegetable tanned leather. [Fancy]

iPhone Fan


Keep cool in the hot summer days.

* Lightweight and small – easy to use anywhere * Runs on minimal power; attaches easily * Compatible with iPhone 3G, GS, iPhone 4, 4S and iPod Touch 1, 2 & 3 [Fancy

Invisible Ink Secret Message Pen


The invisible ink contains special high brightness ultraviolet viewable compounds. The ink is completely invisible in normal light. The secret messages can only be revealed by the beam of the UV “Blacklight”. This beam consists of ultraviolet energy close to the visible spectrum of light which causes particles within the ink to “fluoresce” illuminating the message. [TheFancy]

Avengers Tee


Show your support with this 8-bit Avengers Tee. Note, this is the basic crew only…[TheFancy]

NiteCore TM26 “Tiny Monster” 3500 Lumen Flashlight


When you’re packing for your next camping trip, or your zombie survival kit, you need a great flashlight. NiteCore makes great flashlights, the kind that are ultra bright, super effective, easy to use, and waterproof. These are the lights you want in your pack because they’re the new favorite flashlights in our zombie day packs. Our top-level flashlight, the Tiny Monster is just that: a hand-sized flashlight that puts out a whopping 3500 lumens. [ThinkGeek]

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