The worst band to ever come out of South Africa is probably going to achieve more than any other South African thus far. Perhaps calling them the ‘Worst” is not fair, but “strange”  and “weird” definitely fits their description. Die Antwoord is a Rap-Rave group that burst onto the South African scene a few years ago, then hitting it big overseas in countries like Holland and even the sates. Regarding the movie, all we know at this point is that it’s a sci-fi comedy that centers on a “really ridiculous robot.” It will also be shot in the same visual style as his other films that include District 9 and his upcoming movie Elysium.

We at Geekshizzle feel this can turn out for the worst and Neill Blomkamp would have been better off staying far away from Die Antwoord. Anything that includes Die Antwoord is going to be either an extreme waste of time, or controversial.

Die Antwoord Neill Blomkamp

Die Antwoord are going to be in the film, and that they will play themselves. I don’t know if you are familiar with the group or not, but they fit right in with Blomkamp’s style.

What’s funny is, in one of their songs, “Baby’s On Fire”, Visser spits out the lyrics, “Neill Blomkamp’s makin’ me a movie star,” and the music video embed below includes an autographed photo of the director.

Here’s the Video:


Here’s the song/video to their first hit, Enter the Ninja. Enjoy their “Next Level” beats: