I’m sure we’ve all been in this situation: You go away on holiday, to a place with a beach, the sun, the ocean, and guess what… Odin decided to muster the weather God’s and what you end up with is a week of rain, wind, thunder storms and crappy weather. You end up spending the entire holiday indoors, unable to go out and enjoy the sun, beach, weather. So what do you do? Some of us read, others sleep, but for someone like me… I turn to my trusty iPhone, and thank the heavens that I downloaded these apps tho keep me busy.

Before taking your next holiday, ensure you have these apps on your phone, and if bad weather or boredom sets in these Top 5 Smartphone apps will help you stay entertained when you’re bored to death:


1. Hungry Shark


A very addictive game, you start off with a normal reef shark and have to swim around the ocean eating fish and humans. The more you eat the more your shark grows, until you can upgrade to the next shark. Tiger shark , Hammer head, and eventually get the greatest of them all, the Great White Shark.

This app produces a lot of fun, screaming humans and awesome shark-breaching-slow-mo action.This game is sure to keep you busy for a few days minimum.


Hungry Shark 2 Hungry Shark 1



2. Clash of Clans

clash of clansA strategy/build game. You build your city and warriors like you would with any other game, and you then do battle with your warriors against the surrounding goblin towns. The fighting scenes itself is very “Turret Defense  orientated, where you deploy your troops and they simply walk and attack.

This game swallows you in and consumes your free time. You keep thinking just one more battle, one more. the game itself takes time if you aren’t going to spend actual money on in-app purchases. This means you need patience for your builders to complete buildings, where if you spend money on gems you can “rush” the building times.

Clash of Clans 1 2Clash of Clans 1



3. Bike Race TFG

Bike-Race A very technical bike race game, you have to navigate stages by making ramps, dodging obstacles, and completing each stage in as short a time as possible.

The multi-player part of this game is awesome. You set a time for each stage and you challenge a friend, who then does the same stage and tries to beat your time.

Warning! Highly addictive.


bikeracefree_2 mzl.aftnbsed.320x480-75



3. Angry Birds Star Wars

Angry-Birds-Star-Wars1 I really enjoyed playing this game.

If you are tired of Angry birds, you’ve played all the games, then count on still getting some fun out of this one. Star Wars themed, you pay on Tattooine, Hoth and space.

Your types of birds are all Star Wars character orientated. Loads of fun!


angry-birds-star-wars-01 Angry-Birds-Star-Wars-Hoth



4. Wiki How

wikiHow-big-icon_1434This app contains vital information on how to handle various situations, from emergencies to more general how-to stuff like how to fix a leaky tap. Spend your free time reading up on things such as how to survive a nuclear attack, or how to deal with a shark attack.

Why? Because you never know what might happen. Better safe than sorry.




5. Kindle

kindle-app1Okay, this is not really a game, and it may be a rather boring option, but make no mistake. When you have nothing else to do then reading tends to be the obvious option. Pre-load your kindle with loads of awesome magazines, books, comics, etc. This will be the most relaxing option to follow.

If you don’t want to spend the money on any of these, browse the kindle stores free section. There are loads of free specials daily that is definitely worth the read.