HBO is teasing us to death with snippets from the upcoming season 3, apart from the official Trailer and Character posters¬†they just released this new Game of Thrones Season 3 “War” Promo. It looks like we are gearing up for a pretty eventful series!

In case you are a bit lost with the entire series, or need a refresher of what happened in season 2, this post will prepare you for Game of Thrones Season 3! Brush up on what happened in Game of Thrones season 2 with the below 15min recap video, as well as animated shorts that will give more insight into the history of the families and their own stories.

First off have a look at this 15 minute recap:


An added bonus are these fantastic short animated webisodes. They will give you much of the lost history of each family, and put things into glorious perspective.


House Targaryen:

History of the Nights’ Watch:

History and Lore of the Children of the Forest:

The Mad King Aerys, House Stark’s Perspective:

The Mad King Aerys, House Lannister’s Perspective:

The Mad King Aerys, House Baratheon’s Perspective:



This season promises to be another fantastic season, definitely our top series at the moment! HBO have really done an amazing job with this.

Just for fun, here’s a video with all the Deaths in Season 2. Ha, this video makes the series look a lot more violent than it is… ok… maybe it is a little violent. This video is all you need to get you pumped-up for season 3!