The long awaited first episode of the acclaimed third season of Game of thrones premiered last night, and boy was it a “cracker”! In case you missed it, here’s all you need to know from season 2.


Here’s your Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 1 Recap:

The episode kicks off right where they left off, with Samwell Tarly:  lost in the frozen zombie wasteland beyond the Wall, the fate of Westeros having slipped through his frigid fingers.



John snow is still trying to gain acceptance with the King in the North. We get our first glimpse of a Giant!


Tyrion finds himself in a pretty tough situation, lost his king of the hand rights, losing his family rights. Even his trust worthy bodyguard Bronn has upped his protection prices. No doubt he will more than ever need to rely on his intellect and wits to get him where he needs to be.


Ser Davos Seaworth (The hand of Stannis Beratheon) in the meantime is still alive (remember he got blown up with with wild-fire battle), here he is, waking up on a rock in the middle of the sea, his hair long and his face covered in blisters. He manages to catch a wayward boat that takes him to safety.


Robb Stark is still struggling to get to King’s Landing to avenge his fathers death. It seems to take him forever, lets hope it doesn’t take the entire season. Still no love for his mother though… remember she freed Jamie Lannister under the impression it will free her children.


Now that Sansa is no longer betrothed to King-Bieber, together with Lord Baeylish, they seem to be contemplating a plan for her escape.


But, on wards to the most important part of the episode, the Dragons!! We see Daenerys Targaryen and her fast growing dragons. She seems to be sailing to the west! to battle!


We then see the cunning and twisted lady Margaery, who is busy working her way into the role of Queen. Her ambition even drives her to  walk through a steam of shit (literally) to get into the good books of the locals. She is really playing the role of brown-necking with the people and King-Bieber very well.

Right towards the end we see Khaleesi/ Daenerys negotiating to purchase soldiers, and she gets rescued from a funky looking scorpion (send by the worlocks she defeated end of last season) by a member of the original Kings Guard. He identifies himself as Barristan Selmy, the proud warrior from the Knightsguard. He swears his allegiance to Daenerys, giving her yet another noble champion.


So, in closing, you get a good intro into what is happening all over westeros. I would love to see Daenerys burn down King’s Landing with her dragons, she really is born to rule!