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I finally got my hands on this album and could not wait to listen to it. If you remember we mentioned previously that this is indeed a special album, a co-op/side project if you will, between members from Sevendust, Alter Bridge and Creed. Here’s our Review:

projected human 3

What do bands to in between tours, recording and writing new material? Simple, they start side-projects. This mash-up of artists, is a result of aforementioned “between tours” side projects, formed out of something that started out as fun. What we, the fans, ended up with was a full blown album with some of the best music you’ll ever hear! “Projected” released the album Human in September 2012 (Yes, I know we are a bit behind here). The band consists of Sevendust guitarist John Connolly and bassist Vince Hornsby, Alter Bridge/Creed drummer Scott Phillips and Tremonti/Creed guitarist Eric Friedman.


projected human 2Now, if you are a Sevendust fan, then you will feel right at home listening to this. To be honest, if I did not know I was listening to a side-project I would have guessed it IS Sevendust I am listening to, give or take a few things. Make no mistake, the album is packed with electric riffs, and rumbling drums that bleeds into perfection with the vocal harmonies. If we had to sum this album up in three words, it would be Hard Rumbling Harmonies. From track two (track one is an Intro) onward you simply can’t help but turn it up as the guitars and drums generate rhythms that you simply can’t deny, it moves you from the inside, evoking the energy expected from this talented ensemble. The cherry on top is the vocals from Connoly (backup vocalist for Sevendust). In fact, I had to check more than once to ensure the vocals was indeed him and not Lajon (Vocals for Sevendust). They sounds freakishly the same to me.

In my opinion this is a Sevendust album. Sevendust is one of the most underrated Metal Bands ever, they are simply fantastic! If you are new to the world of Sevendust, then check-out some of their earlier stuff like “Denial” and “Enemy”

I doubt that we will hear more from Projected as a “band” again, these guys have pretty busy schedules with their original bands. So enjoy this album, cherish it, this is probably the one and only album we can expect.