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Here’s is GeekShizzle’s review of the most highly anticipated film of 2012! The Hobbit.

I was blown away by this movie! The first episode of the trilogy by Peter Jackson is breaking box office records as far as it goes! I really, really could not wait to go see this movie!

From the moment the starting credits began I was taken back to middle-earth, to the place where everything happened way back in 2003! Needless to say this movie is one of the best I’ve ever seen. I had such high hopes. My main concern was how Peter Jackson was going to make this children’s book into a trilogy that carries the same epicness as Lord of the Rings did. So here’s my review, and this is how he did it:


The first scene was quite a surprise for me. The entire back story of Thorin and his people was amazing. What a mighty people the dwarves were that even the elves came and paid their respects. Few people probably knew this, as the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy told very little about dwarves and what they did. The first chapter of the movie told how Smaug the dragon took over their precious home, and how these dwarves now lived scattered all over middle earth, homeless… waiting for the day where their home Erebor would be reclaimed.

The “unexpected party” carried the same amount of fun and humor as the book did. We meet the dwarves and we see that they are indeed a jolly folk. Thorin here is excellent, he plays a “Aragorn” type role as he is the last remaining heir with the respect, honour and ambition to reclaim his peoples land.

From here the adventure begins. Bilbo starts as a true outsider, where Thorin more than once makes it known that the Hobbit is in the way, and should never have come. But, as the movie progresses, we see the relationship between the 14 members grow, as they endure certain trials we see how the come to care for one another and even risk their lives for one another. Bilbo more than once plays a direct role in saving the lives of the dwarves, and of Thorin. It is only at the end of the movie where Thorin warms up completely  to Bilbo, claiming how wrong he judged Biblo. How awesome is that scene! I think Bilbo surprises even himself. He manages to gather courage when he needed it most.

The Goblin town and King scene was also fantastic and probably my favorite. We see that even the goblins have a kind of hierarchy in leadership and they are not a chaotic race at all. They are also well versed and knowledgeable (some of them). Here we also see the riddles in the dark scene, and our first glimpse of Gollum. This is hands down my favorite scene in the movie, played to perfection. We see the true love Gollum had for the ring, and how devastated he was when he lost it. Bravo Peter, this was a fantastic scene! I loved how Bilbo remembered Gandalf’s words when true strength comes not in killing, but knowing when not to kill. We see how Bilbo has the chance to kill Gollum, but he decides not to. Imagine if he did… would Frodo and Sam have made it to Mount Doom without the help of Gollum?

A very nice addition to the movie was Azok, the pale Orc who is on a revenge mission to slay Thorin and his line of people. This did not feel out of place at all, and even though this was not in the book. It made the movie feel more complete with more background on Thorin.

We also see the beginnings of the darkness is Mirkwood. This is of course the beginning of Sauron taking form again and the start of his malice upon middle earth that is as we know it, The Lord of the Rings. Galadriel and Elrond plays small parts here, which I think ties in The Hobbit nicely with the previous middle earth movies.

Another full addition to the movie, which was only a mention in the book, was Radagast the Brown. The wizard in the woods. Very comical and humorous character. I did not particularly love this scene, but I guess it does open the movie to a younger crowd.

All in all I loved the movie, and I am burning with anticipation to see the rest! One scene I cannot wait for is the scene between Bilbo and Smaug… oooOOooohh! This will be pure class! I loved how every addition Peter made came from valid Tolkien sources, most of it from the unfinished tales. It all fits perfectly. Well done!


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